Get an analysis and illustration of the ecological hot spots of the entire building. Achieve eco-efficient planning and building. Calculate the environmental criteria which are necessary for the LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and other green building certifications Improve the sustainability performance by comparative analyses of different options within all planning phases. Display your strong efforts and contribution to sustainable building.

The Whole-building LCA is an extremely helpful decision making support tool for architects, designers, property owners, facility managers, and other building professionals facing the real challenge of identifying cost-effective solutions to minimize the environmental impacts of their buildings. Tackling this challenge in an efficient way is the true value of the Whole building LCA approach.

Based on the LCA methodology used for products, processes and services, the Whole-building LCA can help building designers focus their efforts when a reduced footprint is desired. The Whole Building LCAs remove the guesswork by enabling that all life cycle impacts a subject building is modelled, actual impacts over time are monitored, and practices and purchases modified so that the best environmental performance results are achieved.

The “whole-building LCA” considers the entire building project holistically in an LCA exercise – as opposed to LCA applied to parts of a building (for example, LCA for only the floor assembly, or LCA used when selecting individual products). Whole-building LCA allows maximum flexibility in trade-offs. For example, the addition of more insulation will result in increased material impacts on a building, but will often result in a net life cycle benefit due to reduced operating energy consumption.