Architectural Green Design & Competitions

Sustainable buildings are a challenge for the construction industry and architecture. This is a great test for designers, investors and users, who need to review their way of thinking in order to invent new creative, technological and business paths.

Smart design

What we advocate is a smart design, because the smart design itself tends to enhance functionality and efficiency, reducing energy and material consumption, eliminating over-dimensioning and redundancy, minimizing negative effects on occupants health, while ultimately achieving maximal comfort and quality of a space.

This results in not only high satisfaction of building occupants but also in significantly decreased cost of both initial investment and operations.

Our offer

We offer synergic solutions that include integrated design, creativity, urban planning, cooperation between investor and the design team as a guarantee of sustainable living space (from the environmental and economic point of view) of high quality and durability.
Applying an integrative approach in design leads us exactly where we all aspire, leads us the right to the best, most beautiful, more efficient and more sustainable buildings.


ENERGO recognize architectural design competitions as powerful tools that promote advance in innovation, freedom of thought, and allow leaders in sustainability to sign their paths

We believe that our systemic thinking approach, combined with ideas and extensive experience, lead to the most efficient and humane design.

We strive to create architecture that interacts with its surroundings, respects the environment, provides safety and comfort for occupants, and reflects the local culture and history.