Marija Golubovic

Marija Golubovic

Mechanical Engineer

  • LEED Fellow
  • USGBC Faculty
  • LEED Green Rater
  • HERS Rater
  • WELL Faculty
  • WELL Advisor
  • WELL Performance Testing Agent
  • DGNB Auditor and Consultant
  • Parksmart Advisor
  • Wiredscore AP


Graduated in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in thermo-technical at the University of Belgrade and at the University of Genoa, with over 20 years of experience in plant design in the naval field (military and cruise) and buildings for the most diverse uses (hospitals, shopping centers, and logistics, residential, etc..) is a leading exponent of the world of Green Buildings.

LEED Fellow, USGBC Faculty, LEED for Homes Green rater, and LEED AP since February 2008, he has participated in numerous LEED projects as a designer, consultant, and Process Administrator throughout Europe with over 1,000,000 square meters certified according to LEED standards.

Only 11 LEED Professionals in the world, Marija among them, have the status of LEED Fellow and USGBC Faculty (maximum expression of professionalism in the LEED certification processes and maximum expression of professionalism as a trainer of LEED professionals). As a term of comparison, consider that there are over 83,000 LEED Professionals (AP and GA).

She is the first DGNB International Auditor in Italy and the first woman in Europe to be Commissioning Authority Acg Certified (Associated Air Balancing Council Commissioning Group). She is also a Lombardy Region Auditor and CTU for the Court of Milan.

She has lent his many years of experience on numerous LEED projects as a designer, LEED consultant, and LEED Project Administrator as well as Commissioning Authority. She administered the certification process of the first LEED-CS building in Italy (Gold Level), and in Serbia (Gold Level), and one of the few certified shopping centers in Europe (Usce).

In Italy, she also administered the Vodafone Village (the largest LEED-certified building in Italy and LEED-CI in the world) and also registered the first LEED for Homes pilot project in Europe.

Marija has administered LEED certification processes on over 1,500,000 square meters of real estate across Europe in over a decade.

Marija is responsible for the training of Energo, the only Italian company recognized as USGC Education Partner and DGNB Academy Partner. She is the developer of numerous GBCI and USGBC training courses and has trained over 650 LEED professionals and is a sought-after keynote speaker at the international level.

LEED courses are distributed directly on the USGBC platform in the form of Webinars.

LEED credentials:

With regard to the importance of qualifications, the following are examples of the excellence of the professional profile.

LEED Fellow, only 182 in the world.

What it means to be a LEED Fellow: “LEED Fellow is the highest recognition achievable for a LEED professional in the green building industry. For both seasoned leaders and rising stars, receiving the LEED Fellow designation recognizes outstanding accomplishments and marks a career-high point.”
Fellow selection takes more than a year and requires the endorsement of three internationally recognized LEED professionals, 10 years of experience, and an appropriate list of references.

LEED Green rater is only 390 worldwide.

USGBC Faculty are the top instructors of the USGBC creator of the LEED Protocol only 130 worldwide: USGBC Faculty is a global network of credible, qualified instructors, teachers, and facilitators with deep expertise in and passion for sustainability that cuts across sectors, cultures, and geographies. For more than a decade, USGBC Faculty members have played a leading role in our movement to enhance the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated. Their deep expertise on a broad range of sustainability themes— from rating systems to real estate— makes them highly sought-after presenters of both information and inspiration. The USGBC Faculty designation is a distinction that opens opportunities.”

Marija is also the first Certified Parksmart™ Advisor in Europe for sustainable parking design and construction as well as the first WELL AP, first WELL Faculty and first WELL Performance Testing Agent in Italy. The WELL PERFORMANCE TESTING AGENT is a professional who has successfully completed the training and application to perform the tests designated by the Performance Testing Guidelines in the WELL Building Standard.

Marija Golubović, is also a recipient of the WELL FACULTY Award for Special Merit for the second year in a row and a nominee for 2021.

Marija has also been named a member of the IWBI Research Board in 2020.

Technical Consultant for the Court of Milan (CTU), she is also a Tester for the Lombardy Region and an Energy Certifying Officer.

As an ISO 17024 professional (LEED and WELL) she is also a CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) specialist.

Marija Golubovic has dedicated her professionalism to increasing awareness and adoption of sustainability strategies in the construction sector in Europe. She personally supported and created many opportunities for the first LEED buildings in Italy. Today he is actively working on the implementation and promotion of new programs such as WELL and PARKSMART.

  • First LEED Fellow in Italy
  • First USGBC Faculty in Italy
  • First LEED for Homes Green Rater in Italy
  • First LEED AP in Italy
  • First LEED CS Project GOLD in Italy 2008
  • First LEED for Homes Multiple building in Europe
  • First WELL Faculty in Italy
  • Largest LEED-CI project in the world Vodafone village in Italy
  • First LEED CS Project in Croatia
  • First Parksmart advisor in Europe
  • First Certified Parksmart project in Europe.

From 2021 Marija is also a Wiredscore accredited professional.

Maria Golubovic is a well-known international speaker on building sustainability and the values and importance of a sustainable approach to real estate development.