Project Managment


“Project Management is the management of the change”
(Russell D.Archibald – Archibald Associates)

In the context of design, realization and management dynamics, our PMs use their experience and their ability to plan, control and manage works and to bring them to the natural conclusion: the realization of the work done on time and within budget.

Our PM is working with the following goals:

  • Carry out the work with the primary purpose to fulfil all the objectives of their client
  • Identify all the resources needed to carry out the work
  • Efficiently use resources, by maximizing the profit and minimizing the costs
  • Define and control the priority of the works
  • Organize and monitor the work and maintain it always balanced and flexible
  • Plan and coordinate work and installation activities
  • Establish the operating budget
  • Formulate Claims and Variants


In addition to our design, we also offer work supervision services consisting of management and technical, administrative and accounting control of the work implementation in compliance with contractual commitments.

Our staff, with frequent on-site inspections, carefully verifies that the work for which we are responsible is carried out in a workmanlike manner and according to the project and the contract and in cooperation with the contractors, thus ensuring the coordination of activities within the contracted period of realization.

The role of Work Supervisors allows us to assume specific responsibility for the acceptance of materials, also on the basis of quantitative and qualitative control.


We can offer you management consulting services and technical assistance for the resolution of conflicts regarding the plant design in the design phase, construction phase and after completion of works.

The professional experience acquired in the field, superior technical education and “know-how” of our claimer guarantee consulting services and solutions that are always efficient.

The preparation of Variance surveys and Technical economic reports on Claims requires a highly professional approach that includes the identification of an optimal strategy for resolving the conflict that fulfils the objectives set out by the client and adjusts the strength and type of intervention, areas and present circumstances.

  • Variance surveys during the work and after completion of work
  • Pre-trial technical investigation (ATP)
  • legal technical consultancies (CTP)
  • Settlements
  • Interpretation and verification of specifications and contracts
  • Analysis of elaborates and technical contractual documents
  • Analysis of delays
  • Analysis of causes / effects / higher costs
  • Speedup bonus
  • Analysis of the quality of installations and materials
  • Analysis of design variants
  • Investigation on design and implementation issues
  • Verification of compliance with good practices

Cost Analyses

We prepare budget estimates and evaluate and verify the actual costs of a system implementation for each project. We provide an analysis of the realization costs of the works on the basis of preliminary design, providing at the same time a thorough technical feasibility analysis of the systems, machines and components in order to establish a clear and comprehensive economic picture.

The experience our staff gained while working at high responsibility positions at leading Italian installation companies to allow us to face high-demand jobs in Italy and abroad.