Green Target Program


Thanks to the experience gained from the LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, WELL and PARKSMART certification processes, ENERGO offers consultancies aimed at providing assessments of compliance with the requirements of the protocols for products, manufactured goods and components (mapping).

Since we are designers, we would like to point out we know very well what is necessary and what is really useful, we are not making “greenwashing”, and we do not involve unnecessary quality certification companies or similar ones.

Our service includes:

  • The preparation of texts for a Presentation brochure regarding the way in which your products are placed within the LEED, BRREAM, DGNB, WELL, PARKSMART protocol.
  • The evidence of the contributions that your products (or products of companies you represent) can provide in the context of sustainability, such as products that contain recycled content and raw materials from the region or similar.
  • The reference guide for the LEED Credits/BREEAM Issues/WELL Features/DGNB Criteria/PARKSMART Measures, which can be pursued in the certification processes, due to the implementation of your products. For every single product, the guide includes tabular previews of all targeted credits/issues/criteria/features/measures, along with their corresponding criteria, explanation and potential scores.
  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and all the necessary documentation for the EPD (Environmental Product
  • The assistance services in the field of LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, WEEL and PARKSMART protocols, that your company can offer to its customers.
  • The preparation of facsimile documents (to be customized from time to time with the correct data) related to the credits/issues/criteria/features/measures in which your products are involved.
  • The calculation sheets such as the assembly calculator.
  • Green marketing, suggestions and ideas for introducing your products to the market in accordance with the USGBC|BRE|DGNB|IWBI policy.