CFD – Surgical Rooms

An operating room (OR) is one of the most controlled areas that provide a comfortable and healthy environment for both the patient and the surgical staff.


Our study through CFD simulation present all the  field measurements in an operating room such as velocity, ambient temperature, and particle counts on the operating table, lamps, and specific properties of the filtering ceiling.

Since 2010, we perform advanced CFD simulations of the Operating Room, below is an Example for the Aghito Malvestio Group.

CFD simulation of the performance of air distribution system in an operating room 1: 1 simulation of a real operating room including also models of the table, operating room lights, and all other components that could affect flows was made to get a real qualitative and quantitative description of the distribution system operation. The simulation also allows the assessment of the operation inside the plenum and between the filters.

Airflow: V=6600 m3/h

Diffuser size: 3000mm x 3000mm

Outlet configuration:

  • 4 outlets on the walls near the floor
  • 4 outlets on the walls near the ceiling
  • openings around the full length of the doors for overpressure

Filter configuration: 6 filters, size 8  – 4 filters, size 4

Pressure drop across filters: ~100Pa