Application Sectors


Thanks to more than fifteen years of experience in marine HVAC systems we design systems for all types of boats: Cruise ships, Ferries, Yachts and Military boats.

We complete our activities by providing precise Commissioning services for designed systems.

We belong to stable consortia for the construction of marine HVAC systems.


We are able to face with all issues related to “housing” systems, by managing interventions with high technical and technological content that lead to the adoption of the most advanced technical solutions. We offer a design where the tradition of the best thermo technical engineering meets the current needs in the field of energy efficiency and energy savings by offering the most innovative solutions.


We are experts at designing electromechanical systems for Hospitals, Clinics, Assisted living residences with international references in this field.  We support our design performing accurate thermo-fluid dynamics simulations of both operating theatre blocks and individual patient rooms in order to verify the maximum efficiency and comfort of the designed  HVAC system.


We design safe, sustainable, comfortable school buildings adapted to the most recent conceptions of teaching in all grades from Kindergarten to University Campus.

Our design philosophy is based on the awareness of the educational project will take place within the premises, ensuring the maximum comfort and psychophysical well-being of the occupants.

Sporting centers

We have many years of experience in design of sports facilities from swimming centers to sports arenas (including Ice Domes). We design structures of any level (move, play, display) promoting the adoption of energy efficiency principles. As members of the Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities, we support our clients in analyzing and solving the problems of technical, economic and regulatory nature that involve the sporting facilities.

Industry & Warehouse

We are specialize in systems design for the industrial use: Warehouses, Factories, etc.

We offer a package of integrated complementary services that include design, Energy Audit, Energy Modelling, Certification processes (LEED Breeam DGNB WELL) commissioning and retro-commissioning in addition to all consulting services aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Showroom & Shopping malls

We design commercial spaces, retail stores, shops, outlet villages. We have collaborated with some of the most world famous designers on flagship stores of the most important brands.

We have references in the following areas: Fashion, Telecommunications, Banking sector, Food, Wellness, Personal care, Alimentary sector, GDO.

We design both, new built properties and existing properties.


We design electromechanical systems for Office buildings. Our services, range from renovation plans, to design activities for the needs of large Business Centres.

We also conduct Energy Audit and retro-commissioning of the systems and related processes aimed at increasing building efficiency.

Churches and Historical buildings

We have a long  history in executing design activities in ecclesiastical buildings, and more generally in buildings of high historical value or monumental buildings.

We work in new, modern or ancient ecclesiastical complexes, which are under the protection of the Board for Cultural Heritage and Preservation.

We carry out complex thermo-fluid dynamic simulations on historica premise (including frescoes) to predict the behaviour and reaction to climatic phenomena.

Theatres and cinemas

With over 15 years of experience in designing spaces for theatrical or cinematographic performances as well as covered areas for public exhibitions, we are able to deal with any client’s requirement.

In our design, we pay the utmost attention to thermal and acoustic comfort that are essential for the properties’ users


We have designed systems for facilities within airport premises, especially Terminals, Fingers and Hangars, Shopping Areas etc.

We are aware of the needs and requirements of users in these environments as well as persons who manage these environments including issues related to security.


Our activities involve  small Residences and Holiday Villages or Hotels with 300 rooms, including the most exclusive Beauty Farm. We face with professionalism and competence all MEP systems issues related to wellness and hospitality facilities with a particular regard to the costs of operation and maintenance.

We offer the execution of Energy Audit and retro-commissioning for existing buildings.