Our Story

Our Story

ENERGO is its people … an impressive array of talent, creativity, knowledge, and experience. We are proud of our dynamic team of engineers and architects, which, networked across three European offices, provide a proactive and integrative approach to services for numerous clients in more than 20 Countries.

Thanks to the international experiences of our team, we can offer services in multiple languages in compliance with European, American, and Russian standards.

Since 2007 Energo works in the fields of engineering systems design (MEP) and certification of building sustainability (LEED, DGNB, BREEAM, WELL).

As designers, we can cope with any subject, both in the field of plant engineering and architecture (even interior architecture) and we offer to our clients “turn-key” packages or individual-specific services.

We have among our clients multinational and private companies operating in diverse sectors and for them, we implement projects ranging from 100 to 150.000 sqm. with a focus on residential areas (luxury), showrooms, shopping malls, offices, theatres and movie theatres, hotels and spa centers, harbors (yacht, cruise, and military harbors), and industrial areas.

We manage with the highest professionalism-specific requirements associated with every single designed building while paying particular attention to its sustainability and management and maintenance costs.

Listed below are some services whose specificity and achieved excellence allow us to stand out from the competition at the European level:

  • Integrated mechanical, electrical, architectural design services
  • Services related to LEED certification: the whole process is carried out directly by our group without a third-party intervention and includes the process management, the advice to designers and all companies, the energy modeling, the commissioning, the simulations of natural lighting, and everything else that is necessary for any LEED protocol. In our curriculum, you can find over 1.000.000 sq.m. of certified LEED buildings for which we have provided consulting and “turn-key” services to our customers across Europe
  • Services related to DGNB certification
  • Services related to BREEAM certification
  • Services related to WELL certification and WELL Performance testing organization
  • Services related to PARKsmart certification
  • Services related to Wiredscore certification
  • Commissioning (LEED and BREEAM) and testing (only certified company in Italy) services
  • Energy modeling services
  • Energy auditing services
  • We are the only company in Italy recognized by USGBC Education Partner and we have an educational program approved by the USGBC. For all those wanting to get closer to the protocols (including LEEDv4) or wanting to consolidate or improve their knowledge, we have specific webinars that can be consulted directly on the website of the USGBC.
  •  Services of thermal fluid dynamics simulation, CFD, natural and artificial ventilation, natural, artificial, and combined lighting, CFD for data Center
  • PUE Peak and Seasonal PUE for data Centers

We are collaborating with some of the most prestigious International Architectural firms on specific projects or tenders and we have been working on some of the major real estate investments in Europe and particularly in the Balkans.

The dynamism of a young structure combined with more than twenty years of experience acquired by all our technicians throughout the years of international activities allow our team to face the most advanced and challenging design issues.

The preparation and experience of our team are the guarantees of a modern, efficient, and cost-effective design.

We offer you a design that deals with the classic plant engineering topics from a new point of view, where the best engineering tradition meets the current needs in the field of energy efficiency and energy savings by providing the most innovative solutions.

We operate all over Europe following local regulations and we offer our design services in the following languages: Italian, Serbian, Croatian, English, French, Russian and German.

Proof of Leadership in sustainability protocols

LEED Fellows are recognized as the most exceptional professionals in the green building industry, and it is the most prestigious designation awarded from GBCI.

“We are honored and proud to have Marija Golubovic as one of this year’s LEED Fellows,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, president, and CEO of GBCI and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). “Marija has shown superb leadership as a green building advocate and has continued to help shift the norm of how the industry plans and builds sustainably. Marija’s work and credibility in the industry have been proven time and time again by her outstanding leadership in the green building movement, and motivates all of us to continue the charge forward in creating sustainable, healthy, and connected communities through the built environment”.

USGBC Faculty™ are expert practitioners in the green building industry who are the only individuals authorized to teach USGBC education programs. With hundreds of courses a year taught Worldwide, Faculty are on the front lines of the green building movement, educating thousands per year on the use and value of green building practices and the LEED rating systems.

The Proven Provider certification rewards organizations that demonstrate exemplary and consistent work in the role of LEED Project Administrator on the basis of the high quality and absence of errors of the projects signed on LEED Online.

Energo is the only Italian Company recognized by the USGBC as Authorized Education Delivery Partner, licensed to hold USGBC official training courses with its USGBC Faculty

WELL Faculty – WELL Performance Testing Org.

IWBI Research Board Member

Breeam Licensed Assessor Company L300 2348

DGNB Consultant and Auditor

DGNB Academy Partner