WiredScore certification is the internationally recognized rating scheme that helps landlords design and promote their buildings’ digital connectivity to tenants. Over 6 million tenants work in more than 60sqm of WiredScore certified space globally. Whether your building is fully leased or is in the first stages of development, WiredScore enables landlords and developers to identify and promote best-in-class connectivity to current and future tenants.


Businesses around the world trust WiredScore as a benchmark for high quality digital connectivity when searching for office spaces. There are five WiredScore certification levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Certified and Undergoing certification. A building that meets the basic digital connectivity needs of tenants will achieve a WiredScore Certified rating. Buildings with best in class digital connectivity will achieve a WiredScore Platinum rating


 Register the building for Wiredscore certification.

Collect documentation against the Wiredscore scorecard.

Wiredscore review the current set of technical drawings and provide a detailed report on the building’s digital infrastructure to highlight marketable assets and opportunities for improvement proposing a provisional WiredScore certification level for the development, subject to the implementation of suggested improvements.

Resubmission of the technical documentation for the final review checking that all the improvements have been made. And release of the Wiredscore certificate.