One thing we value above all else is knowledge. Well, that’s not entirely true, we value highly sustainability, the environment, hard work and rock-solid termination. But knowledge is right up there on top. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing, and it is hard to get access to quality knowledge even these days. We offer high-end education specially designed for sustainability professionals looking to deepen their knowledge even further, or for new upstarts looking for tips and tricks on getting started with the many standards for sustainable building available today. We currently offer courses for LEED, DGNB, WELL and ParkSmart, which are hosted and organized by us and available in all of Europe, with the most frequent hotspots being Milan and Belgrade. Courses are led by our top of the line sustainability professionals and offer a wide variety of choices. Along these, we have many online available webinars ranging from half an hour to an hour and a half talking about very specific points, problems, tips and tricks emerging from our more than 20 years of hands-on experience in sustainable design and sustainability certification protocols.

USGBC Education

Energo is proud to be a USGBC Education Partner! What does that mean? USGBC Education Partners are the leaders, trusted voices and reputable providers of green building and sustainability education. USGBC is moving away from their focus on developing and delivering green building education themselves. Instead, they are focusing their efforts on supporting the USGBC Education Partner network to make sure we have the resources, knowledge, and skills to produce best-in-class education. USGBC will highlight and promote their partner’s education as the go-to solution for those looking to build their green building knowledge

DGNB Academy

The DGNB Academy offers application-oriented and tailor-made educational programs to respond to the growing global markets in sustainable building. As DGNB Academy Partner we have the opportunity to meet the needs of the local built environment professionals. The title of DGNB Academy Partner is awarded only to locally well connected and established organizations with deep knowledge about sustainable buildings and districts and Local Green Building Councils.

WELL Courses

Being an official member of the WELL FACULTY, and in order to spread the word about the benefits of WELL, Energo is organizing WELL courses all over Europe. These courses are developed and updated by International WELL Building Institute and U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and Energo is an official Education Partner and provider of these courses. These courses are designed for professionals who want to prepare for the WELL exam, maintain their credentials and expand their knowledge of WELL, and for enthusiasts who are interested in positively impacting human health through building design.