WELL Building Standard FREE Online 1 Hour Course

13th April 2020.

WELL Building Standard FREE Online 1 Hour Course

Use WELL as a tool, a strategy in prevention and preparedness in the fight against viruse

Duration: 1h

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In this period more than ever we do recognize the importance of the quality of the space in which we live, hygiene and the social closeness that is missing to everyone.

Our wish  is to help in this difficult and uncertain moment to make the time we spend closed  in our homes easier, but also more useful.

An hour  free webinar will be offered on April 13th at 14:00 – Introduction to the WELL certification system with an insight on  how it can be used as a tool in the fight against pandemics: “Use your WELL space in the fight against viruses – Utilize your WELL space in fight against Virus “.

Whitney Gray, Senior Vice President of the International WELL Building Institute will be joining us as Spot-Guest.

We hope to make this modest contribution to the  professional community – the construction industry . The course is aimed at all interested parties  and offers an overview what  we can expect   “the day after”: design, construction, use of healthy spaces, but also timely implementation of the prevention measures in them.

This pandemic will pass, but another, of an economic nature, will come. I am convinced that the desire to live and work in healthy and quality spaces will grow and will be of great importance as the driving force of the future development of the economy and a business  opportunity for us engineers, architects, manufacturers, contractors, developers.


Be healthy and let’s move on!


Marija Golubović

WELL Faculty

2019 Well faculty Award Recipient

2020 Well Community Award Recipient



To introduce broad audiences to the WELL Building Standard with a focus on WELL v2. The WELL movement and the impact of the environment on human health and well-being is discussed. Key WELL differentiators and the WELL concept framework are introduced, as well as the value of WELL for different space types. Useful for those seeking a high-level overview of WELL, specifically WELL v2.


•             Describe the structure of the WELL Building Standard, including the certification process and the key differentiators.

•             Identify environmental factors which influence human health and well-being.

•             Explain the intent of each concept in WELL Building Standard and identify key themes which underpin them.


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