September 24, 2014
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USCE Case Study course is specially designed for facility managers, supervision figures, LEED consultants and building owners. It is intended to facilitate projects teams working in Europe and elsewhere to implement LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance credits.

Many projects with large number of tenants, face difficulties in decision making, particularly by the building Management and LEED implementation staff, when it comes to LEED EBOM certification. Additional difficulty is faced by European projects.

Doubts are mainly related to misunderstandings of tenant and management responsibilities and work load sharing regarding credit requirements implementation. Various best management practices and procedures, which may be different in Europe as well as large quantity of documentation needed to be developed and implemented that differ than usual practice, bring additional issues to the implementation teams.

This course is intended to transfer experiences gained by our team during USCE LEED EBOM certification and possibly encourage new LEED EBOM certification projects in Europe and elsewhere, by helping demystify actual procedures and documentation development needed for LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance credits.

Besides basic explanations regarding requirements of each credit achieved for USCE Shopping Mall LEED certification, practical examples of implementation will be provided as well as issues and challenges that were faced during the process and the solutions applied.


  1. Understand the LEED EBOM certification process based on actual case study.
  2. Get familiar with many practical procedures and documents necessary for LEED credits and prerequisites achievement.
  3. Learn actual difficulties in LEED EBOM certification related to building with large number of tenants.
  4. Learn which credits are easily achievable and which are high effort/cost credits for a LEED EBOM certification of a large enclosed shopping mall, especially if located in Europe).

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