SIMULATIONS Thermal, Solar Radiance & Natural ventilation

From early beginning of the design process, and in its construction project becoming, we can follow the project with a series of integrated software`s, that are really variables in different categories (thermal, visual, individual temperature perception, ecc), in order to determinate the performances of the building, of one space or one single wall allowing therefore ‘’ad hoc’’ dimensioning of the systems.
The simulations provide a predictive approach (but highly reliable) to the behavior of the building in the presence of thermo-physical treatment plants, taking into account the internal loads and external ones, sun and shade, or on the basis of meteorological data and external conditions in the location.

Used software`s have exceeded successfully the ASHRAE tests (ex Best Test) representing one of the most advanced and reliable solutions that are available today, to investigate the thermodynamic behavior of the buildings.

The simulations give a virtual approach (with the highest reliability) to the thermo-physical behavior of the building in the presence of HVAC systems, taking into account the internal and external loads, the Sun and the shadows, the wind, that is, on the basis of the meteorological data and real external environment.

These external environmental data use satellite measurements and are taken from the “Weather Data Source of U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” database, specifically for each location in the world.

Italian Pavilion, Milan Expo 2015

Radiance simulation
Velodrome Maspes Vigorelli, Milan, Italy

Simulation of Natural Ventilation, Ecclesiastic complex S. Madre Teresa di Calcutta