Our Services

Sustainability – We believe that there is no “green” design, only good design, and sustainability is its core feature without which there can’t be any good design in the present moment. With ever increasing risks to the environment and human health it is now, more than ever, necessary to take the extra step and think about what it is that we can do to help ourselves. Sustainable building means building according to world renowned sustainability standards, like LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, WELL and ParkSmart. Using these certification instruments buildings are assessed against a great number of sustainability features. Providing the best results in terms of economy, energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact and healthy living and working spaces. Check below for our sustainability certification services.

Commissioning & Authority – Energo is one of the 6 European Companies members of the AABC Commissioning Group, with a Certified Commissioning Authority. Our approach on the commissioning activities, is fully effective, integrated into all phases of building development, planning, design, construction and occupancy. Due to our experience and training we can assist our clients in all of these phases. We provide full commissioning documentation according to the principal international standards like ASHRAE or SMACNA, with sequences of the start-up procedures, and scheduling of activities on a site during construction.

Energy simulations – Being an engineering company at the core, we offer services in various types of energy modeling and simulations, all of which are necessary for good building design and are required for every one of the sustainability certification processes. We are performing work for Energy Audit, Energy Modeling, Simulations for Thermal, Solar Radiance & Natural ventilation, Simulations for Natural, Artificial and Combined Lighting, Simulations for Art and historical Building Thermography and CFD Simulations. Equipped with the 20 years of experience and the best tool by industry standards.

Design – Good design is the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects, and not just regarding buildings. The good design promotes efficiency for itself, reduce energy consumption, eliminating over-dimensioning. All these results have a very positive and economically favorable effects in the realization phase of the systems and after, during the utilization of them. We offer services in Green Building Design, MEP & HVAC Design and Architectural design ranging from homes to large scale industrial buildings and warehouses.

Management & Supervision – As addition to our design services we also offer the Work supervision, Project Management, Claiming and Cost Analysis.  Consisting of the management and technical control, administrative and cost control within the contract boundaries. Our experts with over 20 years of sustainable building design and management experience perform requent inspections on the construction site to verify the predicted works are executed in accordance with all regulations, standards, quality and coherence with the project and contract.