„Parkings are not simply about cars, but about people who use them and their connections with the community.“
„Parksmart offers a unique and exciting opportunity for achieving leedership in sustainability movement“.

Ma. Sci. Ing. Marija Golubovic
First European Parksmart advisor, LEED Fellow and USGBC Faculty

Parksmart is the world’s only rating system defining and recognizing sustainable practices in parking structure management, programming, design and technology.
Developed by industry experts, the Parksmart framework is a voluntary, consensus-driven standard that guides projects toward innovative, solutions-oriented strategies. Serving both existing and new parking structures in all markets, including commercial, university, municipal, hospital, retail and hospitality, Parksmart certification allows parking structures to:

  • Increase energy efficiency and performance
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Offer better lighting and ventilation
  • Develop efficient parking structure management
  • Promote alternative modes of transportation
  • Integrate sustainable mobility services and technologies
  • Diversify their mobility options and create stronger community relationships

Why PARKsmart?

„Transportation now emits more greenhouse gas emissions than power plants, and parking lots are one of the largest land uses in cities“

For roughly 95% of their lifetimes vehicles are parked, yet we rarely think about how parking spaces affect the environment.

Experts have shifted their approach from simply designing for vehicles toward an integrated vision that enables more varied and sustainable means of mobility.
This emerging approach integrates evolving technologies, multimodal mobility, connected cars, consumer choice.

How we operate our parking can significantly reduce our environmental impacts, especially regarding carbon emissions, pollution and fuel consumption. Through collaborative, integrated and innovative green parking practices, we can promote sustainable mobilitysmart parking and intelligent transportation innovations.

PARKsmart structure

The Parksmart standard is divided into 48 segments (credits), organized in three major categories that outline different strategies which garages can employ to achieve the certification, alongside with additional credit for innovations:

  • Management highlights ways in which garage operations can maximize the use of a parking asset while minimizing waste.
  • Programming guides garages to new revenue sources, greater customer satisfaction and stronger community relations.
  • Technology and Structure Design measures outline the physical attributes a garage can deploy to increase energy efficiency, lower waste and support customer mobility choice
  • Innovative sustainability initiatives not yet included within the program are incorporated through an Innovation category

PARKsmart procedure

Points are assigned to each measure based on environmental impact, achievability for new and existing structures and relevance to the economics of the asset. The 48 credits of the Parksmart program offer a menu of options for enhancing the sustainability of a parking structure, allowing asset owners to select those initiatives that are most well suited for their operation.

Points are assigned to specific measures based on environmental impact, achievability in new and existing structures and relevance to the economics of the asset. A total of 248 points are available, with Parksmart achieved by meeting minimum thresholds for existing and new parking structures. Certification process is divided into 4 stages: Registration, Application, Revision and Certification.








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