The LEED in Construction Phase courses are specially designed for construction companies, manufactures, supervision figures, LEED consultants and building owners. It is intended to facilitate projects teams in Europe to implement construction credits.

Many European projects face difficulties in decision making, particularly by the building owner, when it comes to Construction phase and LEED certification.

Doubts are mainly related to unpreparedness of contracting companies to perform as per sustainable practices, as well as to lack of familiarity with different aspects like Erosion Sedimentation Planning, IAQ planning, material availability in the European market, and accreditation of CxA in Europe.

This course is intended to transfer experiences gained by our team in role of LEED consultant on different projects around Europe, and separate myth from reality about high costs of the particular contractors’ activities, due to the LEED certification.

Beside explanations, regarding requirements in construction phase, practical examples of implementation on European LEED certified project will be given, as well as comparison in some cases with the local normative and regulations, forms, examples of the report, standard modules to use.

It is recommended that the learner have experience in design and construction of building projects.


  1. Understand construction phase credits, requirements and intents.
  2. Produce correct compliant documentation
  3. Become familiar with planning process for Erosion Sedimentation Control plan, Construction and Demolition Waste Management, and Indoor Air Quality planning
  4. Integrate projects with local and/or regional regulations