Proof of LEED®ership; it’s a little play on words that we use to present our unique expertise at the European level. Our main references include over 1,000,000 sqm of LEED certified buildings in Europe, including:



– VODAFONE VILLAGE, MILAN – the largest LEED Commercial Interior certified building in the world (SILVER Level) as well as the largest-ever LEED-certified building in Italy.

– USCE SHOPPING CENTER, BELGRADE – first LEED EBOM certified building in Serbia.

– IT PARK Indjija, INDIJA – first LEED CS certified building in Serbia.

– ADRIS HQ,  ZAGREB – first LEED certified building in Croatia (LEED CS Gold Level).

– GREENLOGIS LOGISTIC CENTER- the largest certified Logistic Center in Italy (LEED CS Gold Level).

– LUSTICA BAY – first LEED for Homes certified  in Europe (LEED Homes Gold Level).


In all processes we managed, we executed the Energy Modelling and where allowed, we performed CxA function for Basic and Advanced Commissioning, and we were also consultants to all companies and designers during the design phase and building construction phase.

Since 2008 we have been carrying out certification and consulting services in the field of LEED thanks to a great practical experience obtained from every process from its start until obtaining certificates for.


ENERGO is a member of the US Green Building Council and the first consulting firm to accredit its own LEED AP (February 2008) in Italy and the Balkan Region. Also, we have a LEED Fellow and USGBC Faculty in Italy (there are only 68 Faculty in the world and 4 in Europe out of 160.000 LEED professionals in the world).


We are the only company in Italy and Serbia and one of the few in Europe that is recognized as a USGBC Education Partner , which means that we are authorized to teach the official courses of the USGBC.


Our strengths:


– LEED Fellow™  (the most prestigious designation  for LEED professionals).

– USGBC Faculty™  (only 3 in Europe and 106 in the World).

– USGBC EDUCATION PARTNER™ – Energo is one of the three European companies and the only one in Italy to be authorized to teach official courses of the USGBC.

– CxA CERTIFIED  – We are the only company in Italy and one of 3 companies in Europe with a certified CxA Commissioning Authority (by the U.S. company Acg).

– LEED for Homes Green rater

– LEED AP  – Energo has a LEED AP since February 2008.

– Hands-on experience, Energo’s staff, with practical experience and knowledge of local regulations, is constantly involved in numerous international LEED certifications.

– NC, CS, CI, EBOM, School, Homes, ecc.  – We have practical experience in all LEED protocols.

– ENERGY MODELLING & LIGHTING SIMULATIONS are services that we perform directly.

Our skills for LEED certification:
  • KNOW HOW: We know “how to do" in order to gain points in each Credit.
  • EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM: All the Energo staff are engineers with international experience.
  • TOOLS: We use advanced software for Energy modelling
  • INTEGRATED DESIGN: Is our standard way of design.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Is always our guideline in design.

We are following more than 15 LEED Certification processes in Europe.

ENERGO has registered and administered the LEED Certification process of the First European LEED for Homes, registered project: LUŠTICA BAY, TIVAT, MONTENEGRO

In all processes, we run the Energy Modeling and where it was feasible, we are in charge of the commissioning as CxA (Basic and Enhanced).
We have also been consultants for all companies, suppliers and designers in the design and construction phases.

Since 2008 we perform LEED Certification and consulting of acquiring a solid and practical experience in the process from its inception until obtaining the Certificate in all LEED protocols.

ENERGO is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council with its own LEED AP since February 2008, we also have the one USGBC Faculty (only 88 faculty in the world, 3 of which in Europe on over 160,000 LEED professionals in the world).

We are the only company in Italy, and in Serbia, and one of just a few in Europe, to be recognized USGBC Education Partner™, therefore we are authorized to teach the official courses of USGBC.

Excellence and uniqueness of Energo at the European level.

Our services:

Process Administration with the purpose of obtaining the LEED Certificate
Feasibility assessment
Technical specifications for building contractors
Implementation of the Energy Modelling with approved Software
Commissioning Authority
Technical assistance for the building contractors in the design and construction Phase
Consulting within the LEED provided by our LEED Accredited Professional:

  • for Companies - information regarding the protocol and the LEED certification, technical advice for the assessment of the degree of compliance of products with the requirements of LEED credits
  • for Professionals - information regarding the protocol and the LEED Protocol
  • for Architectural studies - information regarding the LEED Protocol, with specific illustration of a performed certification process
  • for final clients - information regarding the LEED Protocol and related costs

In an industry where many are just “greenwashing,” Energo offers consultancy services built on solid experience of “those who have done”: deeds, not words!








1,000,000 sqm