Energo has the new Thermographic cameras Testo 882, since the 2011. The cameras are used for the analysis of buildings and installations, Energy Audit, thermal bridge location, systems location and tracking, equipment leaks, etc.

The thermography intends the use of an infra-red camera (thermographic camera) in order to visualize and measure thermal energy emitted by an object. The thermal energy, or infrared, is corresponding to the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is perceived as heat.

The thermographic method, if is correctly used, following the methods of execution registered in the International standards, allows the qualitative analysis of the building envelope highlighting any fracture that is located in the insulation (punctual or linear thermal bridges).

In order to be considered reliable, a thermographic report must emphasize its characteristics of objectivity.

To ensure that the execution and the subsequent interpretation of the results are objective all over the world, it is required to strictly compile it with certain requirements, which are the base of the International protocols for thermography performing.