Simulazioni CFD

CFD simulations allows to quickly model multiple configurations of data center design evaluating all the necessary “what if” scenarios. It allows a designer to properly evaluate the thermal, airflow, layout, and equipment performance of the data center predicting the performance of a system providing all critical information concerning cabinets and single rack that can affect the systems cooling performances.

The simulation allows also the evaluation of the cooling energy cost, efficiency, and the PUE calculation (peak and seasonal).

Per la nostra simulazione del centro dati, usiamo gli strumenti di simulazione più avanzati.

Il modello

The model is based on the exact geometry of the room and includes the structural and architectural elements that can affect the air flows, systems, and cabinets as per the following documents

All the infrastructures present both under the floating floor and above the false ceiling are considered and modeled: ducts, pipes for the supply of chilled water, cable trays with a degree of filling as per Customer’s specifications, etc.

La geometria e le dimensioni degli armadi IT sono secondo le specifiche del cliente.

The models of the IT cabinets are detailed, the power dissipated by each cabinet are according to the Customer’s specs, and modeled taking into account the losses caused by the front and rear (perforated) doors, mounting rails, and cable entries.

The IT cabinets are modeled considering the proper IT devices (racks) aiming to provide information on the effectiveness of the cooling, slots not occupied by IT equipment can be modeled by inserting blind slots.

Air Cooling Units are modeled according to the nominal cooling capacities of the equipment.

La capacità di raffreddamento può essere controllata per mantenere una serie di setpoint definiti.

The supply of fresh air, the floor and ceiling grids, and their positioning are modeled on the basis of the design documentation of the HVAC systems as well as all the electrical equipment.

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