Sustainable buildings represent a new challenge in the architectural design.

Each has a specific purpose, but the requirements for achieving energy efficiency, comfort and responsibility in relation to the environment, is the same for all.

That represent a major challenge for designers, investors and users, who would have to change its current approach and to join that new, creative and technologically advanced business.

This process will, in the near future, inspire architects and engineers, and that is our goal for the past 10 years, giving the special care for residential facilities.

The time that we spend inside our buildings is a key factor for our benefit, because we are inside constantly, from our early childhood to our old days. This confirms that the manner in which they are built is essential for the quality of our lives, that does’t make them a cost – but an investment.

From this point of view it is also clear that it is very important to build facilities that allow us to realize the benefit of housing, while retaining the characteristic features: durability and reduced maintenance costs.

Our solutions provide a synergy of integrated design, creativity, urban planning, in cooperation with the client and the design team, to provide guarantees of creating sustainable housing (from the point of environment protection and cost savings) high quality and durability.

Integrated design, on this type of projects, takes us where we all aspire: a better, more efficient and more sustainable living space.

Sustainable design takes us to a place that we can truly call our home.

(in collaboration with Arch. Domenico Tripodi)

VILLA SENJAK (Belgrade, Serbia), Arch Domenico Tripodi

VILLA SENJAK (Belgrade, Serbia), Arch Domenico Tripodi