ENERGO’s Energy Audit is a systematic procedure that provides a deep understanding of energy consumption of a building in order to identify and quantify the opportunities for savings.


Our Energy Audit includes:

– Diagnosis report: The report of all data that are related to the consumption of building, basic needs and an analysis of the system in which they are installed:

– Measurement of the thermophysical and structural analysis of building

– Thermographic report

– The detection and the analysis of energy systems and their operating status

– Analysis of the maintenance operation status

– The evaluation of energy consumption

– The analysis and the verification of thermal and insulation systems

– The analysis and the verification of BMS

– Studies of the interactions occupants vs. energy system

– Interventions Report: List of all the solutions for the optimization of energy us age, highlighting through energy simulations, the target consumption and the actions to be undertaken on the systems and facilities for obtaining it.


Energo’s Energy Audit is according with ASHRAE Level III Energy Audit

Our Energy Audit Procedure consists of:


Propedeutic activities


Review of building systems and operation procedures generating a list of specific questions and issues to be discussed during the further visit to the facility developinga list of potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and Operation and Maintenance (O&Ms) Measures


Phase 1 – Walk Trough Audit


Is a tour of facilities to visually inspect each of energy consumption, it is the least costly audit level but can give a preliminary estimate of potential savings and provide a list of low cost improvements. It is an opportunity to collect information for a more detailed audit later

During this ativity, we take pictures and thermographies as we walk through the building included mechanical equipment, lighting, interior workspaces, common areas and halls, and the exterior including the roof.


Phase 2 – Evaluating the existing energy consumption


This level of audit goes on to quantify energy uses and losses through a more detailed review and analysis of equipment, systems, and operational characteristics. It consists of an analysis and detailed review of the walk-through audit data including

– The analysis of equipment system and operational characteristics

– Measurement on site and testing

– The analysis and the verification of thermal and insulation systems

– Studies of the interaction between the occupants vs. the energy system

– Calculation of the Energy Use Index (kWh/m2/year), EUI can be a good indicator of the relative potential for energy savings. A comparatively low EUI indicates less potential for large energy savings.

Phase 3 – Computer simulation


Even more comprehensive evaluation of energy use patterns, Energo develops a dynamic computer Energy simulation of a building and building systems that will account for weather and other variables. It is a comparison between base-building subject of audit and what if scenarios which can represent changes to improve efficiency of various systems and measured effects compared to the baseline.


Final report and Energy saving measures proposals


Organize all collected data, photos, notes, charts. Put comments about existing situation and recommend saving options to reduce energy consumption.


Main references:


– USCE Shopping Center, Belgrade, Serbia – 120.000 sqm. – Energy saving performed: 16,52% LEED EBOM Certified

– Università Cattolica, Milan, Italy – 14.000 sqm – Energy saving performed: 29,74%

– Italian Embassy – Belgrade, Serbia – 4200 sqm – Energy saving performed: 14%

– UNICEF Office Building  Belgrade Serbia  – 1.300 sqm

– ALLIANZ Global Investors GmbH Building Milano Via Durini, 1 Energy audit as per ASHRAE 1st, 2nd, 3rd level and EU Directive 2012/27/CE

– SYNOPSYS Agrate Brianza (Centro Colleoni) Milan Italy Energy audit as per ASHRAE 1st, 2nd, 3rd level and EU Directive 2012/27/CE

– Famagosta Building Via Famagosta Milan Italy Energy Audit and Building Energy Modelling for the Milan’s Court as per ASHRAE 1st, 2nd, 3rd level