Energo has been approves as a WELL Performance Testing Organization! We now provide performance testing services to WELL v2 registered projects all around the world (one of only two approved well performance testing organizations in Europe). If you have a WELL registered project, contact us today, we would be happy to provide you with more information regarding the process for your specific project.

What is WELL Performance Testing?

WELL is a performance-based system and every WELL project is verified through on-site testing of building performance. For WELL v2 projects, these performance tests for various air quality, water quality, lighting and acoustic parameters will be carried out by a WELL Performance Testing Organization that employs GBCI-trained WELL Performance Testing Agents.

What is a WELL Performance Testing Organization?

A WELL Performance Testing Organization is an organization that provides performance testing services to WELL v2 projects. Each WELL Performance Testing Organization has at least one approved WELL Performance Testing Agent, at least one WELL AP, has a quality management plan that has been approved by GBCI and has agreed to GBCI’s Terms & Conditions.

What is a WELL Performance Testing Agent?

A WELL Performance Testing Agent is an individual who has completed the WELL Performance Testing Agent Training, maintains high-quality ratings (both client ratings and GBCI quality ratings) and is approved to conduct various on-site performance testing for WELL v2 projects.