We can provide managerial and technical consultancy for resolution of the conflicts in the area of installation designing, in construction phase, or after the finished works.    
Professional experience, gained on site,  with the superior technical formation "savoir-faire" of our Claimers issue a service of consultancy and  always efficient solutions.  
The preparation of Technically-Economical Documentation (Claims) require an  approach of extremely professional preparing an optimal strategy for solving of conflicts and acquitting the objectives of client, adequately applying  force and typology of the intervention, in present circumstances. 

With all that presupposed, we carry out:  

  • Claiming during the works and on finished jobs 
  • Technical assessments quotes   
  • Technical expertise  
  • Consultations 

Our consultations, includes
  • Interpretation and verification of the contracts 
  • Analysis of elaborates and technical contractual documents 
  • Analysis of delays 
  • Analysis of effective/major costs 
  • Premiums of acceleration 
  • Analysis of the quality of the  installation and materials  
  • Analysis of design variants 
  • Investigation of design and realizations problematic 
  • Verification of correspondence with regulations 
We are technical experts for different Leading design  companies and for reputable  law firms, with a high percentage of  documented success.