The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen) is recognized as an official member of the Green Building Council network-launched Europe’s newest green building rating system in 2008, the German Quality Certification for Sustainable Construction.  
Energo, the member of DGNB from 2010, has, from the 2013 the first and only DGNB Auditor  in Italy and Serbia. 
The German Sustainable Building Certificate has many similar themes, as the more well-known LEED, BREEAM, and Green Start systems, but compared to them is committed on European regulations. He, also, places more attention on the materials Life Cycle, and on their costs, and it treats the building location in a different manor from them.   
The DGNB promote the obtainable balance compendium between the ecological, economical and socio-cultural aspects of the building. 

The system works with the awards points in six specific topics:  
1. Ecological Quality 
2. Economical Quality 
3. Socio-cultural and Functional Quality 
4. Technical Quality 
5. Quality of the Process  
6. The Location (is considered separately, but does not contribute to the overall graduation of the building level). 

Each of the 51 credit categories is given a “degree of compliance.” One through ten points are given in each of these categories, but then on the category is given a weighting from 1 to 3, in order of different importance that each credit have in the scale of sustainability for the building.