SIMULATIONS Art and Historical Buildings

Energo executes directly, with its own personal, the thermotechnical advanced studies on the buildings with Monumental or Historical significance, museums, and also  for the preservation of the pictures and the frescoes. 
As references, we propose some of the most interesting, that we carried out until today:  
  • Picture gallery of Brera (Milan) - Studies of the irradiation of the Napoleonic halls. 
  • Sacro Monte in Varese, III Chapel - Studies of the irradiation of frescoes of R. Guttuso: “The escape from Egypt.” 

  • Monumental Complex Collegiata (Castiglione, Olona) - Thermofisical behavior of the Masolino’s frescoes  in the baptistery and the following climate control design. 

  • Marketplace of Porta Palazzo (Turin) - Thermofisical studies of the building  behavior. 
  • Monumental Complex Annunziata - Thermofisical studies of the building behavior.  
  • Bellusco Castle - Thermofisical  studies of the frescoed Main Halls behavior and the following climate control design.