Many people think that the "green" design is an outcome of a specific eco-oriented design.  
We are firmly convinced that it is nothing else but a good design. The good design promotes efficiency for itself, reduce energy consumption, eliminating over-dimensioning. All this results  have a very positive and economically favorable effects in the realization phase of the systems and after, during the utilization of them.  
We design HVAC systems in the following manor: maximum efficiency, also with using of renewable energy or produced in the eco-compatible way.  
For maximizing efficiency of HVAC syst ems (with a sensible effect of reduct ion on the costs of exploitation of them) we use advanced  softwares for calculation and simulation, in order to obtain heating and cooling loads effectively gained during the day and in accordance with the local climate conditions.  
In this sense, we design our system s following the guidelines of the International rating systems and methodologies, such as: 

  • LEED - leadership in energy & environmental design green building rating system  
  • ASHRAE - green or sustainable design