of the newest version of LEED - LEEDv4


List of our active courses

1: LEEDv4 Introduction & Basics (Green Building basics in LEED)
Course duration:  4.00 hours
Level of preparation: Interest in and/or understanding of principles of green building
The Introduction course represents a basic course and is adequate for those participants who are already familiar with previous versions of LEED (LEED v1.0, LEED v2.0, LEED v2.2, LEED 2009) but also for those participants who are getting familiar for the first time with Green Building in LEED Certification and want to build their knowledge in the proper order. 
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2: LEED Core & Concepts + LEED GA Exam PREPARATION
Course duration: 8.5 hours (7 hours CE)
Level of preparation: Understanding
The title LEED GA (Green Associate) is intended for professionals whose goal is to qualify as experts for theory of sustainable practice. These credentials confirm possession of a basic knowledge in the field of "green" design and execution of building constructions. LEED GA is a title that represents the best introduction to the field of green building and the first mandatory step in the process of LEED accreditation.
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3: LEED Building design & Construction (BD+C)
Course duration:  8.5 hours (7 hours CE)
Level of preparation: Understanding / Implementation
LEED AP (LEED Accredited Professional) BD+C (Building Design and Construction) is the most popular LEED accreditation, which offers specialization in design and construction of commercial and residential green buildings, as well as buildings in the hospitality sector.
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4: LEED Existing Building + Operation & Maintenance (O+M)
Course duration:  8.5 hours (7 hours CE)
Level of preparation: Understanding / Implementation
LEED v4 Existing Building + Operation & Maintenance (O+M) is a course specially designed for existing buildings. It is a form of specialization, which is increasingly gaining in importance in Europe. Since “the old continent” has a vast and various legacy that includes buildings for all purposes, the number of buildings registered in LEED O+M category is continuously growing.
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Energo, USGBC Education Partner™, organizes LEED education courses for professionals, interested in the field of green building, in all Europe. 

The courses provide credentials for LEED GA / AP exams and for the CMP. 

USGBC, as the developer of LEED, is the official source for LEED and green building education providing the most innovative and highest quality LEED and green building knowledge and training whether a professional is preparing for a LEED exam, maintaining their credential, seeking LEED project support, or looking to expand their LEED and green building knowledge. 

USGBC’s education program curriculum contentand materials are developed, maintained and owned by USGBC. These programs are delivered globally by officially licensed USGBC Education Partner™ and are taught by our LEED Fellow™ and USGBC Faculty™. 

LEED Fellows are recognized as the most exceptional professionals in the green building industry, and it is the most prestigious designation awarded from GBCI.


“We are honored and proud to have Marija Golubovic as one of this year’s LEED Fellows” said Mahesh Ramanujam, president and CEO of GBCI and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). “Marija has shown superb leadership as a green building advocate and has continued to help shift the norm of how the industry plans and builds sustainably. Marija’s work and credibility in the industry has been proven time and time again by her outstanding leadership in the green building movement, and motivates all of us to continue the charge forward in creating sustainable, healthy and connected communities through the built environment”.

USGBC Faculty™ are expert practitioners in the green building industry who are the only individuals authorized to teach USGBC education programs. With hundreds of courses a year taught worldwide, Faculty are on the front lines of the green building movement, educating thousands per year on the use and value of green building practices and the LEED rating systems.

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