ENERGO at Italian Design Day

The week behind us was in the hallmark of Italian design in architecture, art, industry. On this occasion, a series of events was organized to mark the global Italian Design Day. This initiative involved 100 "ambassadors" of Italian culture (designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, critics, communicators, professors ...) who spoke about the relationship between design and sustainability in over 100 cities around the world. One of these events,was also a round table held at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, where our director Danilo Franchi was one of the guest speakers.


The theme of the round table was the relationship between design and sustainability in economic, social and environmental matters. Relying on their own experiences and different individual views, the participants discussed the relationship between design and sustainability, in social, environmental, technological and economic terms, with the aim to point out the possibilities in which architectural and urban design, with the help of modern technologies, can contribute to greater respect for nature and human beings. Danilo Franchi talked about the Parksmart garage on the "Obilicev venac",in which Energo had a role as the main Parksmart consultant  and the benefits of such garages in Serbia and Europe in terms of sustainability, cost savings, resource and environmental protection.

In addition to Danilo Franchi, this event was attended by architect Francesco Fresa from the Piuarch studio in Milan, who was in the role of the Italian Design Ambassador, architect Vladan Djokic, dean of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, architect Tijana Djordjevic architect of building automation from 2G Srl in Milan and architect Zoran Djukanovic from the Faculty of Architecture as a moderator.

The sponsors of this event were the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Italy in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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