COMMISSIONING& Commissioning Authority (CxA)

ENERGO is the first and only company in Italy and one of the few companies in Europe that has a Certified Commissioning Authority from the US Authority ACG.


ENERGO is efficiently dealing with commissioning activities from the  MEP systems’ design phase to the construction phase


Our commissioning procedures begin during the design stage, continue with tests and inspections during the construction phases and finish with monitoring of the behaviour of the systems in the first year of operation.


The combination of surveys carried out directly on the site and analysis of the project data allows us to proactively identify issues of functionality and calibration.


We can provide the complete documentation for commissioning in accordance with the main international standards (ASHRAE, SMACNA, etc.) and schedule of activities in the commissioning procedures coordinated with the systems’ constrution.


We operate in the civil and naval field. We are equipped with the most sophisticated measuring instruments.


ENERGO team has acquired practical experience as a Commissioning Authority even satisfying the requirements for Enhanced Commissioning.


Our experience comes from the shipbuilding world, therefore we are well aware of the Customers’ needs regarding performances and timing.


Some of our references:


– Regent Hotel Porto Montenegro

– USCE Shopping Center Belgrade

– Hospital Macchi in Varese

– Certosa SR3 Complex in Milan

– Cruise ship Danielle Casanova

– Ada Shopping Mall Belgrade


In our opinion, Commissioning is the most important activity provided to any MEP system start up, on both buildings new and existing aiming to verify the correct operation and performance of all the installed components.