We can offer you management consulting services and technical assistance for the resolution of conflicts regarding the plant design in the design phase, construction phase and after completion of works.


The professional experience acquired in the field, superior technical education and “know-how” of our claimers guarantee consulting services and solutions that are always efficient.


The preparation of Variance surveys and Technical economic reports on Claims requires a highly professional approach that includes identification of an optimal strategy for resolving the conflict that fulfils the objectives set out by the client and adjusts the strength and type of intervention, areas and present circumstances.


With this assumption, we perform:

– Variance surveys during the work and after completion of work

– Pre-trial technical investigation (ATP)

– legal technical consultancies (CTP)

– Settlements


Our consulting services include:

– Interpretation and verification of specifications and contracts

– Analysis of elaborates and technical contractual documents

– Analysis of delays

– Analysis of causes / effects / higher costs

– Sppedup bonus

– Analysis of the quality of installations and materials

– Analysis of design variants

– Investigation on design and implementation issues

– Verification of compliance with good practices


We offer legal technical consultancy to installation companies and reputable law firms with a documented high success rates.