For over eight years, ENERGO has been using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) advanced simulation technologies  with the aim of providing to Companies, End Users, Manufacturers, Architects and Design studios complete and reliable solutions that can allow an immediate assessment of a product, a room or a building from thermo-fluid dynamic point of view.


These analyses, thanks to the “visualization” of the thermo-fluid dynamic phenomena, allow an immediate determination of a prototype performance, both for virtual and real prototypes, thus allowing the development and optimization of products even before their actual construction, while minimizing the post-production changes, evaluation and refinement of existing products.


Always when CFD techniques are used the HVAC design is much more efficient and flexible than in the cases in which traditional methods are used, since it can provide a highly reliable prediction of the behaviour of the  system (also in several scenarios or variants simultaneously) and the degree of comfort that can be reached in environment.


This approach allows making the most appropriate choices and introducing all optimizations to the plants still at the design stage with the aim of ensuring a better implementation with a great reduction of time and costs.